Destination #6: Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma

NebraskaNebraska is the land of the Cornhuskers, and truth be told there was corn in every direction as far as the eye could see. I even pulled over on the side of the road so the kids could get out and see it up close and personal on the stalk. We drove through miles and miles of crops with a sprinkling of farmhouses all along the way. I wondered what life is like for those families and  how different it is from mine in California. I wondered what it's like to grow up here, to be a teenager on the brink of deciding to stay or find a way out to the big cities or seek fame and fortune in Hollywood. At the end of the day I wondered if there is a future for small town America or the family farm. Only time will tell if the factory farms will win out and destroy a way of life that has gone one for a couple of hundred of years. Nebraska was all about farming but but for me it was also all about the people. From the seniors at the Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer, to the hardworking folks at the Weaver Potato Chip factory, to Father Flanagan and the kids at Boys Town-these folks are the heart and soul of America. And when you travel through Nebraska, you will know exactly what I am talking about.

Destination #6: Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma

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