Eggs and Things (Honolulu)


After getting sticker shock at the Hilton Hawaiian Village on Waikiki it was time to do a little research and find a breakfast place/coffee shop where we could find a reasonable morning meal.  Walking around we stumbled upon Eggs and Things.  We checked out the menu and they had an amazing selections of waffles, pancakes, eggs and every kind of elaborate breakfast favorite you can imagine at a reasonable price so we decided to have breakfast there the next morning.  As we were about to leave, the server told us to be there at 6am otherwise we'd have to wait for about an hour for a table....Huh???? 6am?

So here’s the deal on why this place is ridiculously busy. The word is that the owner spent some money advertising in a Japanese newspaper  to attract business and ever since the restaurant developed a cult-like following. Japanese tourists make the pilgrimage here in droves.

Believe it or not, I actually got everyone up at 6am and we made it there by 6:30 and snagged a table for 7 waiting about 15 minutes...not too bad I guess. Well I must say that the effort was well worth it as the breakfast definitely did not disappoint.  The pancakes were decadent and delicious as were the specialty of the house-the Belgian waffles. Eggs were also wonderful.  The service was fantastic and everything arrived with a smile.  When the check arrived, it was about half what coffee and cold cereal would have cost us at the Hilton.  What more can you ask for? Everyone left happy and with a full belly.  Oh and btw, if coconut is your thing, do try the coconut syrup on your pancakes. It's amazing.

The only problem is after you're done, what do you do at 7:30 am in Honolulu?-Maybe reserve your seat at the pool....


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