AK-State-Seal2Alaska is truly one of the most breathtakingly beautiful places in all of the USA maybe even the world. Commonly referred to as "The Last Frontier", it is one of if not the only last wild places left in the country. Touring this amazing and awe inspiring place we were humbled by nature everywhere we turned, from the beautiful snow capped mountains of the Kenai Pennisula, to the vast and powerful Mendenhall Glacier, to the wide expanse of Denali National Park, and to the remote arctic region on the northern coast in Barrow.

DSC_0142Nature here takes center stage and Alaskans are passionate about keeping Alaska wild. You will not find better tasting fish anywhere in the country. Drive on the open road and you may encounter a moose or a bear or see an eagle taking flight right above you.

Besides nature, take the time to discover the native Alaskans, their culture and traditions and their relationship with the land and it's creatures. Learn what it takes to survive in the wild where temperatures can plunge to 40 below and the sun doesn't rise for weeks at a time.

DSC_0401Also, learn about the Alaskan gold rush and how it changed the last frontier while you swirl your own pan looking for "colors" and your own treasure. Alaska challenges you to channel your inner spirit of adventure.

Alaska is full of riches everywhere you look. So whether you choose to take a cruise or do an old fashioned road trip, visiting Alaska will change you forever leaving you with your own special treasure, memories of seeing mother nature in all her unspoiled beauty. To really inspire you, check out this amazing video courtesy of

Anchorage, Alaska is the key to unlocking the best of the Last Frontier. Amazing wildlife, breathtaking glaciers and unforgettable adventures are all part of a visit to Anchorage. Ready to get on your way?

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