Thomas Edison Laboratory and National Historical Park (West Orange)


My kids and I were so excited to check out Thomas Edison's lab but sadly we never made it. First off our GPS took us to Thomas Edison's home in Edison NJ also known as Menlo Park about one hour south. Upon realizing our mistake, we also realized I had lost my wallet at Ellis Island and made a beeline back the Statue of Liberty Cruise at Liberty State Park. What a nightmare. By the time we got what we could sorted out, we had to make our way through the pounding rain to our next stop for the night near Atlantic City. But had we made it here's what we would have seen if all had gone of without a hitch...


Besides a family home where Edison lived with his wife and kids, visitors can explore his 3 floor laboratory complex as well as his chemistry lab. Can you imagine seeing where so many things we use in our daily lives had been invented. Places like this always amaze me because the energy of those "aha" moments is still there in those walls...if only they could talk. American innovation at it's finest, this is a must see on any visitor's trip to New Jersey.  You can bet if we ever make it back we'll return to check it out. If you'd like to know more, check out the National Park Service website by clicking here.