Ben Franklin Museum (Philadelphia)


Ben Franklin is one of my heroes. If I had to pick one person in history to meet and spend time with it would either be him or George Washington. I can't even begin to tell you what a treat it was to learn and explore all about him at the Ben Franklin Museum which is adjacent to the grounds of where his house once stood in Philadelphia's historic district. What a fun and interesting museum that enthralled all of us (especially my 3 jaded teens) and will no doubt enthrall you as well.

The woodcut B. Franklin designed for the revolutionary movement.

The woodcut B. Franklin designed for the revolutionary movement.

The museum is very interactive with lot's of informative displays and is impossible to rush through because it is so engaging. Each section reveals another side to Mr. Franklin that we didn't know about in a fun and interesting way. All we could think and say over and over again was...."Wow, he did that too???" We learned about his printing business that made him wealthy, his political views and his leadership in diplomacy particularly with the French and many of his interesting inventions and scientific discoveries. In addition, many sections feature little quiz boards that test your knowledge-or rather whether you've been paying attention to the exhibits.  Guessing right leads to a rousing "Huzzah.". This kids thought this was just awesome.

DSC_0322This museum does an excellent job of illustrating what an incredible renaissance man Franklin truly was.  Not only was he an amazing statesman and diplomat, he was a brilliant businessman, and an endlessly curious scientist. All of us have been affected by him in some way-either by the freedoms we enjoy or his inventions we make use of in our daily lives- or both.

We left the Ben Franklin Museum truly awed and with the deepest respect for one of the most amazing men who ever lived and if you visit you will too. DO NOT MISS this incredible experience!


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