B. Free Post Office (Philadelphia)

  Did you know that the first post office in the United States was established by Benjamin Franklin and was established prior to our nation's founding right in this very building? Don't you just love the name of the post office too? So clever Mr. Franklin! Do what we did and buy some postcards and have them cancelled at the oldest post office in the USA. The cancellation mark is really big so make sure … [Read more...]

Ben Franklin’s Grave (Philadelphia)

After learning so much about Ben Franklin we were compelled to pay our respects at his gravesite which is nearby. You can peer at his gravestone through the fence for free which is what most folks do, often tossing pennies onto his grave for good luck. Or, you can pay the couple of bucks admission to into the graveyard and get a closer look. Feeling like I really need to properly thank old Ben for all he'd done … [Read more...]

Ben Franklin Museum (Philadelphia)

Ben Franklin is one of my heroes. If I had to pick one person in history to meet and spend time with it would either be him or George Washington. I can't even begin to tell you what a treat it was to learn and explore all about him at the Ben Franklin Museum which is adjacent to the grounds of where his house once stood in Philadelphia's historic district. What a fun and interesting museum that enthralled all of us … [Read more...]