*FEATURED STATE QUIZ* Florida (Answers)

Florida Quiz

How much do you know about The Sunshine State? Take our quiz and find out if your are up on your trivia when it comes to Florida.       1.One of Miami's largest immigrant communities hails from what Latin American Country? A) Argentina B) Chile C) The Dominican Republic D) Cuba E) Guatemala 2. What was the value of the treasure recovered from the shipwreck of Spanish Galleon … [Read more...]

*FEATURED STATE QUIZ* Louisiana (Answers)


Answer key for the Louisiana quiz questions. See how much you know about The Pelican State ... 1. Spanish Moss prevalent in the bayou and other moist places in Louisiana and the south is what type of plant A) A type of ivy B) A flowering bush in the rose family C) A fungus that infects a host tree D) An epiphyte that gets water from the air E) A vine from which thick ropes can be made 2. Name one of … [Read more...]

Top 3 Must-See College Campuses


College campuses are not places I regularly seek out as stops on my road trips, but occasionally they can be historically significant or offer something unique, kitschy or cool that’s relevant to the place you are visiting. A quick visit can usually be accomplished in about 30 minutes. I’ll be the first to admit, one of the biggest motivating factors is leaving with a real deal souvenir t-shirt bought at the … [Read more...]

Winter Break in a Skiers Paradise – Park City, Utah

It’s all funny how we are all programmed one way or another.  Most people either consider themselves beach people or snow people.  I definitely fall into the beach category and generally deplore being in the cold which is why I have ignored my kids’ pleas year after year to take them skiing.  Well this year I finally relented and took them all to Park City Utah since we had friends that would be there at the … [Read more...]

Itinerary #13: Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina

Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina

The South is wonderfully lush and beautiful. From the green Kudzu plant that covers everything, to the smoky BBQ, to the twangy accents peppered with “y’all,” you know you’re in a culturally rich, interesting, and unique place. We were very excited to explore, but really had no idea what to expect. When I think of Georgia and the Carolinas, I think of lemonade on the porch, biscuits and grits, and weeping … [Read more...]

Itinerary #12: Hawaii


Our 50th state, Hawaii is comprised of a group of islands all different and uniquely beautiful. On this amazing trip we had the opportunity to visit Kauai, Maui, the Big Island of Hawaii and Oahu. We learned about natural wonders like black sand beaches, volcanoes and the abundant sea life that inhabit the water surrounding the islands. We learned about Hawaiian history and culture, how the Polynesian peoples … [Read more...]

Itinerary #9: Florida


When I think of Florida, I think of fun in the sun, heck it’s called the “Sunshine state” right? All the retirees who affectionately call themselves ‘snow birds” flock to Florida in the winter to escape the cold. Well, we thought it would be just grand to head to Florida on winter break, spend some time at the beach, which we love, and turn it into a road trip taking in the sites along the way. Just as … [Read more...]

Itinerary #8: Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin


During the planning phase of this trip, the theme sort of came to me just by looking at the activities and historic sites. Many things had to do with waves of different groups who came to settle in these states to begin a new life far from the foreign lands they’d come from. It’s what makes cities across this area so interesting and unique—places like Chicago, a wonderfully diverse city where you can explore … [Read more...]

Itinerary #7: Texas


Texas is the largest of the contiguous 48 states but its bold spirit and larger than life character almost overshadow its enormous size. Because there was so much ground to cover we decided to explore Texas on it’s own and in 9 days we still didn’t get to see all of it. I really would have like to explore places like Amarillo in the north and Padre Island to the far south but it just wasn’t possible to do it … [Read more...]

Itinerary #6: Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska

Destination #6: Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma

“Is there enough to see and do in ‘boring’ states?” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked this question, so let me set the record straight, once and for all—there is no such thing as a boring state! Every state has something unique and interesting to offer. Case in point: Nebraska, Kansas, and Oklahoma. While most folks would not put these destinations on their must-see list, I hope that after … [Read more...]