Inspiration: A Mother’s Hope For A College Essay

This morning my middle son, Isaac, left for a college application seminar at his school. I still find it hard to believe, Isaac-the little boy with the infectious laugh is now a senior in high school and about to pen that rite of passage-the college essay. When my kids and I embarked on this project to explore all 50 states 11 years ago I hadn't even thought about how all these adventures and memories might come … [Read more...]

How To Make The Most Out Of Traveling With Your Kids

Family vacations are a great time to connect with each other and to share some incredible experiences out on the road, but how can you make sure that the places you are visiting are really making an impact on your kids? Don’t underestimate how much learning can take place while you are having fun. After our first trip I realized how much my kids were absorbing, and so I made a conscious effort to create and capture … [Read more...]

Family Travel in The Electronic Age – How Much is Too Much?

Family Travel in The Electronic Age - How Much is Too Much?

Should kids be allowed to be connected electronically when the family travels? How much is too much and what limits are appropriate? As a mom of 3 teenagers aged 17, 15, and 14 I have watched my kids get sucked into the vortex that is social media.  I can hardly blame them as media technology has swept over society like an electronic tsunami.  Any news item at all is followed in real time as it happens and even … [Read more...]