Reader Profile: The White Family – Giving Their Kids “Wings”

The White Family

As the Explore All 50 Project has grown and is now reaching more readers, it's really given me the opportunity to "meet" some amazing people all across the country who like me, share a real passion to see all of America. About two weeks I got to know Nicole White from Maryland who along with her husband Chad and kids Gavin (13) and Lucy (10) have already visited 27 states and are in the process of planning this … [Read more...]

Reader Profile: The Pilichowski Family, keeping costs in line and kids in check for a family of 8!

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing the Pilichowski family for close to 10 years now. Rabbi Uri and Aliza are not only wonderful people, they are also amazing parents to 6 awesome kids Avigayil, Temimah, Gila, Naomi, Tova and Moshe. When they heard about my project to see all 50 states with my kids, they were instantly inspired and have been blazing a trail hot on our heels ever since. So far the Pilichowskis have … [Read more...]

Reader Profile: Mark Davidson Explored and Tasted his way through all 50!

Mark Davidson

We love finding people like ourselves who are on a quest to see all 50 states and sharing their story. Most folks haven’t seen them all, but occasionally we meet someone who has been to all 50 like Mark Davidson who we had the pleasure of meeting at the LA Times Travel Show. Mark first became fascinated with the idea of seeing all 50 states at age nine when he played with a puzzle of the 50 states - the same … [Read more...]

Learning About the USA While Achieving Their Goal Gives This Family’s Travel Time More Meaning

The Orlanski Family

On a Quest to See All 50- The Orlanski Family Setting a family goal is a great way to strengthen bonds.   Travel is a great way to create memorable moments.  Combine them together and you have the Explore All 50 Project. Like my kids and I, Lisa, her husband Ben and their three kids, twins Kate and Ellie 10 and Josh 7, are on a quest to visit all 50 states.   They are off to a great start having seen 22 … [Read more...]

Best All-American Road Music: The Starter Soundtrack To Wherever You’re Going!

Best All American Road Music: The Starter Soundtrack To Wherever You’re Going!

So you’re trucking along the highway watching the scenery fly but the scene isn’t complete without a soundtrack. Ever watched a movie without the score? You would be amazed at how different it feels-sort of flat, like a great dish without seasoning, it’s just blah! Music adds another layer of emotional involvement that connects us so that instead of just seeing, we are experiencing. On every trip I have … [Read more...]

Family Travel in The Electronic Age – How Much is Too Much?

Family Travel in The Electronic Age - How Much is Too Much?

Should kids be allowed to be connected electronically when the family travels? How much is too much and what limits are appropriate? As a mom of 3 teenagers aged 17, 15, and 14 I have watched my kids get sucked into the vortex that is social media.  I can hardly blame them as media technology has swept over society like an electronic tsunami.  Any news item at all is followed in real time as it happens and even … [Read more...]