Alisa’s Awesome Guide To Great Travel Books

Sure you can find just about anything you need online these days, but I still love thumbing through travel books to research my road trips.  I not only find it more efficient, but infinitely more enjoyable to go city by city and tag the things that look super interesting.   Later I map out my "wish list" and see what falls on or near our route in some cases adjusting our route to include something really awesome. … [Read more...]

Kenai River Fly Fishing (Cooper Landing)

Fly fishing for salmon on the Kenai river was one of the highlights of our entire trip. The only way I can describe being out on the river, at one with nature, is complete nirvana! It was not only a fun experience, but I felt as if my spiritual batteries had been recharged. It was an extremely special activity that my kids and I will never forget and one that I can't recommend highly enough if you get the chance to … [Read more...]

Seavey’s Iditaride (Seward)

Alaksa is filled with wonderful and unique things to do, and one experience that was tops on our bucket list was a sled dog ride. After researching all the options, we opted for a ride at Seavey's Ididtaride.  The Seaveys are a legendary family of dog mushers with Mitch and his son Dallas both winning the race more than once. Mitch is the oldest person to ever win and his son Dallas is the youngest in addition to … [Read more...]