Alaskan Wildlife Conservation Center (Portage)

Making our way to Seward from Anchorage we stopped at the Alaskan Wildlife Conservation Center.  As you've probably figured out if you've been reading my posts, I am not a huge fan of zoo's or any place that confines animals in small places for people to look at.  While  it does feel like a zoo as there are fenced in areas to view various species of native wildlife, the center has a higher purpose than just … [Read more...]

Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch (San Antonio)


The Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch is another drive through wildlife experience, but this one is really great because you can actually feed exotic animals like zebras and ostriches.   Of course we sprung for a couple bags of treats and off we drove 5 miles an hour onto the Tatonka range.  We spotted some a few different kinds of antelope and something that resembled water buffalo before things got really … [Read more...]