Road Trip Temptation: Exploring By Taste Without Getting Off Track

Road Trip Temptation: Exploring By Taste Without Getting Off Track

As you are reading this we are out on the road on our latest road trip exploring Maryland, Delaware, Virginia and West Virginia. One of our family's favorite ways to explore is through taste and as I was researching our trip I came across a ton of stuff I know we'll just have to try. At home we try to eat healthfully buying organic when we can, eating lean meats and lots of veggies and trying to limit sweets and processed foods laden with salt and other stuff that's not good for you. And while we do want to indulge out on the road, I don't want to throw all our good habits out the window while we're traveling. One of my mantras in life is "Everything in moderation" and it works especially well for our road trip tasting.  Here are a few tips on how we maintain a healthy balance while indulging in some awesome treats.


onion rings are my weakness

Do a tasting instead of a full meal

We are all about trying regional stuff and sometimes that includes deep fried and or other super caloric delicacies.  We definitely want to try it, but our whole family doesn't each have to order a full plate of it. We all try to make reasonably healthy choices and will order an appetizer or smaller portion of the item for all of us to share.

Let's be honest-one cheat day won't kill you

aid276349-728px-Enjoy-Junk-Food-Step-1-Version-2We eat pretty healthy most of the time. At the end of the day, if somebody is dying for a plate of fried chicken or a super scoop ice cream sundae or the deep friend funnel cake it's going to be ok. As long as it's not something we do every day we can allow ourselves to be a little naughty once in awhile-like the time we just HAD to order the Vermonster at the Ben and Jerry's factory.  "But Mom, it's a once in a lifetime....we have to get it"...and you know kids were absolutely right.

Don't forget all the exercise you're doing

Remember, if you are like us, you're spending a ton of time walking and being active out on the road, trying keep our car time to a minimum.  I am always surprised to find myself losing weight on our road trips and that's because I am much more active while we are out exploring than I am back home. Keep that in the back of your mind so you can cut yourself a little slack while you enjoy some tasty treats.

Remember, life is for living. In our quest to be our best, it's easy to get a little neurotic and either deny ourselves or overindulge. Enjoy exploring, discovering and tasting and and don't get too hung up on being perfect.

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