Road Trip Temptation: Exploring By Taste Without Getting Off Track

As you are reading this we are out on the road on our latest road trip exploring Maryland, Delaware, Virginia and West Virginia. One of our family's favorite ways to explore is through taste and as I was researching our trip I came across a ton of stuff I know we'll just have to try. At home we try to eat healthfully buying organic when we can, eating lean meats and lots of veggies and trying to limit sweets and … [Read more...]

Juliana’s -Shhhh it’s the original Grimaldi’s (New York City-Brooklyn)

Everybody loves to know an awesome secret when it comes to food and our family is no different.  When we hit the ground running for our tour of Brooklyn with our pal Larry, Grimaldi's was on the list of must try Pizza's. Grimaldi's is famous in every guidebook for it's coal burning oven with it's flagship location right under the Brooklyn Bridge. When we told Larry we were ready for the Grimaldi's experience, he … [Read more...]

L & B Spumoni Gardens (New York City-Brooklyn)

A true Brooklyn original and a local favorite, this is a pizza you just go to try. Like anywhere in Brooklyn, parking may be a bit of a challenge but don't be discouraged, it's all totally worth it. Beyond the deliciousness of the pizza and adding to the whole experience, the local ambiance is straight out of a movie. This place has been around since 1939 so they must be doing something right! For the uninitiated, … [Read more...]

The Moose’s Tooth (Anchorage)

As I've said many times before, locals are usually the winning bet for finding out where to get the best food.  Arriving at the Embassy Suites Anchorage in the evening, my crew was famished . We asked the front desk clerk where we could grab a bite since it was already late (9:30 pm).  She told us we just had to try The Moose's Tooth Pub and Pizzeria around the corner-gourmet pizzas, salads, and other yummy treats … [Read more...]

Uno Chicago Grill (Chicago)


You just can't go to Chicago without sampling some of the iconic foods, the most famous of which is Chicago style deep dish pizza and so after asking folks on the street and double checking with our guidebooks, everyone pointed us in the direction of Uno Chicago Grill.  This place was super busy, which is always a good sign, but the wait was 45-minutes to an hour which I hear isn't unusual. We decided to give it a … [Read more...]