Culture through Desserts: A Tasty Way To Explore

Who doesn't love a tasty treat?  Food is a super way to learn about different regions and cultures and it's one of my best ways of keeping everyone interested and engaged in whatever we're exploring.  When I mention tasting or sampling everyone's ears perk up, but it takes on a whole new level when it's something sweet! There's nothing like sugar to lift everyone's spirits and get everyone chatting and making nice. … [Read more...]

Capofitto Gelateria (Philadelphia)

Sometimes to come across something by happenstance and it totally knocks your socks off. After a very mediocre lunch in the historic district, we happened to walk by Capofitto. The beautiful gelato display made us weak in the knees and there was no way we were going to pass it without taking a taste. As soon as the spoons hit our tongues, we were sold. This gelato was magical and by far the creamiest, smoothest, … [Read more...]