Reader Profile: The McWhorter Family-Teachers Learning Lessons Out On The Road

It's such a great feeling when you meet someone new who shares your same thoughts and sentiments.  It was almost like listening to myself when I heard parent and schoolteacher Carrie McWhorter tell me about the impact their road trip travels have had on their family. Carrie and her husband and fellow teacher Owen and their kids Avery, 13 and Stella 11 are on a quest to see all 50 so far having visited 33.  It all … [Read more...]

Back to School Night: Putting Into Perspective What We’ve Learned On The Road

While Lilia my oldest child has settled into college, my two boys Isaac and Joel are still in high school.  Last night I attended Back To School Night and as I sat and listened to each teacher give their spiel about the class I really thought about how much value our road trips have added to my children's education.  Just about every class I visited I thought about some place we'd been in our travels that could … [Read more...]

Be Curious: Find Out What Makes A State Unique

There are 50 glorious states in the United States of America and each has it's own culture, history, resources, and famous figures just waiting to be discovered.  When we travel on our quest to see all 50, we make it a point to appreciate the diversity of the U.S. by dialing into each individual state, understanding it's distinguishing characteristics and "personality" if you will.  This sense of curiosity makes … [Read more...]

Road Trip Travel: Giving Your Kids a 3D Education

Destination #5: North and South Dakota

About 10 years ago when I took my kids on our first summer road trip, I could not have imagined how much these trips would impact their lives, not just by connecting us together, but by yielding huge educational dividends. These trips have given them what I like to call a “3D” education-engaging their senses in a way that connects them through first hand experiences.  History, science, and economics are just … [Read more...]