Reader Profile: The White Family – Giving Their Kids “Wings”

The White Family

As the Explore All 50 Project has grown and is now reaching more readers, it's really given me the opportunity to "meet" some amazing people all across the country who like me, share a real passion to see all of America. About two weeks I got to know Nicole White from Maryland who along with her husband Chad and kids Gavin (13) and Lucy (10) have already visited 27 states and are in the process of planning this … [Read more...]

Road Trip GPS: What Type Of Navigation System Is Right For You?


With so much technology out there it can be a little confusing finding the right system to guide you. The days of folding and unfolding those paper maps have now given way to all kinds of electronic gadgetry to get you from point A to point B without getting lost. They can also give you really helpful information about the nearest gas station, restaurants even local attractions. But with so many options to choose … [Read more...]

Road Trip Travel: Giving Your Kids a 3D Education

Destination #5: North and South Dakota

About 10 years ago when I took my kids on our first summer road trip, I could not have imagined how much these trips would impact their lives, not just by connecting us together, but by yielding huge educational dividends. These trips have given them what I like to call a “3D” education-engaging their senses in a way that connects them through first hand experiences.  History, science, and economics are just … [Read more...]