Reader Profile: The Kain Family—Ain’t no Challenge Great Enough!

"Ain't no mountain high enough, ain't no valley low enough ain't no river wide enough, to keep me from getting to you babe"-that line from that famous song by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell is the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of this amazing family and all they've accomplished to get to their goal of hiking a trail in all 50 states which they are set to complete very shortly. The Kain family has … [Read more...]

OMG He Did It!-One Bucket Lists Leads To Seeing All 50!

Visiting sports stadiums is a popular bucket list item. I am proudly part of that club. My family has a goal to see a hockey home game at every stadium-so far I'm only up to 5 so we've got a long way to go.  The number one sport by far for sport stadium bucket lists though is Baseball and completing that goal in 2006 led reader and school teacher Thomas DeAngelo to reach for  an even greater goal-seeing all 50. As … [Read more...]

Reader Profile: Val Pentony–A Quest to Explore All 50 Inspires Best College Essay–Ever!

  Sometimes we start a project and the benefits that we derive from it exceed our expectations in ways we could never imagine. I don't think Val Pentony ever thought  back in 2004 when she started her quest to see all 50 by 50 what kind of impact it would have on her, her family and her friends.  Her project has not only inspired deeply felt patriotism, but also a love of learning and an appreciation … [Read more...]

Meet the Richard Family: Canadians Exploring Their Southern Neighbor

As Americans so many of us take for granted all the awesome stuff we have right here in our own backyard. So many folks feel it's not a real travel adventure unless they're going somewhere exotic and far away like Europe, Asia or Australia (I admit, I too have a hankering to discover Australia). How refreshing it was for me to hear from the Richard family, who after trekking through all the Canadian provinces with … [Read more...]

A Passion for Presidents and Capitol Steps: Meet the Brown Family

There are lots of great ways to explore across the USA, but it can be especially fun and exciting when you are passionate about something in particular. Meet the Brown family from South Carolina who are on a quest to see all 50.  Though the family has been road tripping since the kids were born, they officially started their quest to visit all 50 back in 2012. So far this family of 5 has hit 32 states and run up … [Read more...]

Reader Profile: The McWhorter Family-Teachers Learning Lessons Out On The Road

It's such a great feeling when you meet someone new who shares your same thoughts and sentiments.  It was almost like listening to myself when I heard parent and schoolteacher Carrie McWhorter tell me about the impact their road trip travels have had on their family. Carrie and her husband and fellow teacher Owen and their kids Avery, 13 and Stella 11 are on a quest to see all 50 so far having visited 33.  It all … [Read more...]

Update: Dispatch from the Pilichowski Family on their final road trip to finish the lower 48

Awhile ago we profiled the Pilichowski's, an amazing family of 8 in their quest to see all 50 states.  They set out on their last an final road trip June 14th  embarking on an ambitious endeavor in which they are literally driving around the country to complete the lower 48 before moving to Israel permanently.  Below Uri Pilichowski shares some amazing thoughts, memories, and musings from the road sure to inspire … [Read more...]

Reader Profile: Dee and Jerry Sorich – Finding the Secret to Happiness Out On The Road

I "met" Dee online when she wrote to let me know I'd left off her favorite ice cream, the benchmark against which she measures all others-Graetors in Cincinnati.  Boy am I sorry we missed it when we visited the Buckeye state on trip # 11. I found out that Dee and her husband Jerry are lucky enough to live every travelers dream. As retirees based in Santa Barbara California they are avid RV'ers, happily wandering … [Read more...]

Reader Profile: The Pilichowski Family, keeping costs in line and kids in check for a family of 8!

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing the Pilichowski family for close to 10 years now. Rabbi Uri and Aliza are not only wonderful people, they are also amazing parents to 6 awesome kids Avigayil, Temimah, Gila, Naomi, Tova and Moshe. When they heard about my project to see all 50 states with my kids, they were instantly inspired and have been blazing a trail hot on our heels ever since. So far the Pilichowskis have … [Read more...]

Reader Profile: Jeff Shoer, combining a passion for food and a quest to see all 50!

Jeff Shoer

Jeff Shoer is a self proclaimed food and travel “experientialist”. What is that you ask? Well, according to Jeff it’s a term he coined to sum up his combined passion for experiencing food and travel while writing articles documenting his adventures both on the road and on the plate. Jeff officially began his quest to discover and “taste” all 50 states as a co-pilot on a road trip to the Pacific Northwest … [Read more...]