Why You Should ALWAYS Review Your Hotel Bill When You Check Out

These days check out is super simple right?. Hotels simply slip your hotel bill under your door in the middle of the night or email it to you or both. In your haste to pack you'll probably throw the bill in your bag forgetting to check it out later if ever. If the bill goes to your email it'll likely end up in your spam folder never to see the light of day ever again. Either way there is a pretty good chance your … [Read more...]

Response to Embassy Post Comments


I have been really surprised at the flack I’ve been getting for one of my recent blogposts citing the embassy closing as just another reason to travel in the USA. Seth Kugel aka “The Frugal Traveler” of The NY Times in an email accused me of “fear mongering verging on xenophobia” (I am a pretty smart cookie but even I had to look that one up-an irrational fear of something foreign or strange). Another … [Read more...]

Embassy closure and travel advisories? No worries! Stay safe and travel at home in the USA!

US Passport

Have you seen the latest headlines? Embassy closures, heightened security, travel advisories. Like me, I am sure Yemen, Lebanon, and Bahrain are not high on your list of travel destinations, but as a traveler I just don’t feel comfortable leaving my American home turf. I know that sounds a little paranoid but think about it. Travel to Mexico and you run the risk of being kidnapped and held for ransom by a drug … [Read more...]