The Travel Stress-Less Checklist!

The Travel Stress-Less Checklist!

Embarking on a road trip can be a fun and exciting time but it can also be a time to stress out over a multitude of things related to your adventure. Have I got everything I need? Have I got all my reservation info organized? Have I taken care of things to make sure my home is safe while I’m gone? These are all questions I ask myself in the days leading up to my departure and I am sure you do too. Because I’ve … [Read more...]

Don’t Let Wacky Weather Ruin Your Road Trip


So I am driving through North Dakota with my dear friend Avrille and my 3 kids in the backseat. Clouds are getting darker and it starts raining really hard, I mean like bullets hitting the car hard. All of a sudden the emergency broadcast system comes on. You know what I am talking about-the annoying loud beep that occasionally interrupts your music while they are conducting a test-except this time it’s REAl. We … [Read more...]

Response to Embassy Post Comments


I have been really surprised at the flack I’ve been getting for one of my recent blogposts citing the embassy closing as just another reason to travel in the USA. Seth Kugel aka “The Frugal Traveler” of The NY Times in an email accused me of “fear mongering verging on xenophobia” (I am a pretty smart cookie but even I had to look that one up-an irrational fear of something foreign or strange). Another … [Read more...]

10 Essential Rules Of The Road

Road Rules

There’s a big difference between driving around your neighborhood running errands or heading to work and cruising the open roads of a rural 2-lane highway across unfamiliar territory. Here are some tips to help you drive safely and steer clear of trouble with the Highway Patrol. While most official rules of the road are uniform across the country, it’s very important to make a special effort to observe the … [Read more...]

For Smooth Sailing, Buddy Up!

Buddy Up

When I first started taking road trips, it was important for me as a single parent to go with another mom or travel buddy. If you are a single parent planning a road trip there are many reasons to travel with another adult and maybe a few more kids. Having a co-pilot in the passenger seat as well as other kids to keep your own busy can make the whole trip more pleasurable for all involved. Safety should always be … [Read more...]

How to Prevent Bedbugs From Traveling With You

Bed Bugs

Whether it’s a super-ritzy resort or a dingy motel, bedbugs can be a real problem that at best can leave you an itchy mess and at worst follow you home and become a true nightmare. My first encounter with these miserable creatures was at a very nice resort in South Florida. At 3am in the morning, I woke up feeling like something had bitten me on my butt. I went to the bathroom to check it out and sure enough I … [Read more...]