Wackiest Road Trip Memories-By Lilia, Isaac and Joel Abecassis

No road trip would be complete without something totally off the wall happening that becomes instantly memorable, making us either laugh, cringe, or just shake our heads in disbelief reminiscing about it later on.  We are often asked about our wackiest experiences, so I enlisted my traveling partners, my three kids Lilia, Isaac and Joel to recount their top 10....Herewith is their list.... 1. Isaac- Eating BBQ … [Read more...]

Confessions Of A Road Trip Junkie

My boyfriend Jordan is not a huge fan of travel, in fact on the rare occasions when we travel together he can't wait to get back to the comforts of home. A cozy bed, great water pressure, the creature comforts of your own living environment- of course I miss those things too when I am out on the road, but for me the thrill of new discoveries and unique experiences are worth the inconveniences I have to deal with … [Read more...]

Making Those Memories Last

How to preserve and display your family travels to keep memories alive, spark conversations and give everyone in the family a chance to brag (just a little) In as much as I’ve tried to create a family history by traveling to all 50 states, it’s really hard to keep those memories alive as they must compete with the day to day chaos that makes up our lives.  I felt it was really important for my children to … [Read more...]