The View From The Road: Detroit, Down but Not Out and Worth a Visit


2nd in a series It’s no secret that Detroit has been hit by some hard times as of late, even so far as debating whether to sell off the city’s prized pieces of artwork at the Museum in order to avert bankruptcy. Huge layoffs and plant closures coupled with a sagging economy have left many in the Motor City barely hanging on. As we drove through the city on our annual road trip, we came face to face with … [Read more...]

Itinerary #11: Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and Kentucky

Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and Kentucky

I think folks assume Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and Kentucky are just full of bland, blue collar working-class towns, and might not necessarily plan a road trip here, but let me tell you, they are very exciting places to visit chock full of really fun and interesting things to explore and do. Yvonne, Jacob and Abigail were along for the ride once again and could not wait to explore as we hit the road. Our theme for … [Read more...]