The View From The Road: What About Guns?

I don't usually like to tackle politically charged topics like guns on my travel blog but it's really hard to ignore the increase to shootings happening in our schools and on our streets all across the country lately. As I was starting to write the posts for my newsletter featuring Kansas, I remembered this funny picture my kids took in Wichita. As we were about to walk into The Exploration Place, a wonderful and … [Read more...]

The View From the Road (#1 in the series)

The View From the Road: What is Happening To The Family Farm

  What is Happening to the Family Farm?   Driving around the country can really give you a perspective on things that we take for granted in our daily lives-like where our food comes from.  One thing we noticed as we drove through the heartland of America is that our physical and ideological landscape is rapidly changing. Family farms across America are disappearing and with them a way … [Read more...]

The View From The Road: Detroit, Down but Not Out and Worth a Visit


2nd in a series It’s no secret that Detroit has been hit by some hard times as of late, even so far as debating whether to sell off the city’s prized pieces of artwork at the Museum in order to avert bankruptcy. Huge layoffs and plant closures coupled with a sagging economy have left many in the Motor City barely hanging on. As we drove through the city on our annual road trip, we came face to face with … [Read more...]