The Rocky Statue (Philadelphia)

You cannot visit the city of Brotherly Love with paying homage to one of it's greatest sons (albeit, a fictional one), Rocky. One of the most famous scenes in the original movie is of Rocky's crazy training regimen in which he runs up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The statue is to the right of the museum entrance (and below the steps-at street level). You will find it when you find the large line of … [Read more...]

Movies & Memories: Together Creating An Enormous Impact

12 Years A Slave

Every so often a movie comes out that is based on a true story that has historical significance. Often times those movies are our favorites because they tell the stories of real people and more often than not they take place somewhere that we've visited bringing our memories to life.  One notable movie that we've recently seen that is a really great example of this is this year's Oscar winner "12 Years A … [Read more...]