Harpers Ferry National Park (West Virginia)

This was our last and final stop and the place where we actually completed visiting all 50 states.  It was such a momentous moment we forgot to capture it on film...Ugh..I will regret that till the day I die. Just a word of warning though, when using your GPS make sure it knows you want Harpers Ferry National Park in West Virginia. It's important to note that this is where the states Maryland, Virginia and West … [Read more...]

Movies & Memories: Together Creating An Enormous Impact

12 Years A Slave

Every so often a movie comes out that is based on a true story that has historical significance. Often times those movies are our favorites because they tell the stories of real people and more often than not they take place somewhere that we've visited bringing our memories to life.  One notable movie that we've recently seen that is a really great example of this is this year's Oscar winner "12 Years A … [Read more...]

National Underground Railroad Freedom Center (Cincinnati)

Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and Kentucky

The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center is a wonderful and moving museum that explains the path runaway slaves would take to escape to the North to freedom. It is located here on the banks of the river on the Kentucky-Ohio border, which at one point was the dividing line between slavery and freedom. Many former slaves crossed right here to freedom after a long and arduous journey.  What I loved about this … [Read more...]

The Hermitage (Nashville)

Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama

The Hermitage is the beautiful homestead of the 7th president of the United States and Tennessee’s favorite son, Andrew Jackson. These 1,000 acres were transformed from frontier forrest to a prosperous farm that sadly deteriorated into post civil war dilapidation.  Finally rescued it is now preserved as a public museum and a National Historic Landmark. As a president Andrew Jackson was both loved and hated and … [Read more...]