The Andy Warhol Museum (Pittsburgh)

My kids and I are huge pop art fans and so we were particularly excited to check out The Andy Warhol Museum which is located in the city of his birth-Pittsburgh. After getting over the sticker shock (it cost the 5 of us $50 to check out the 5 floors) we headed into the theater to watch the looping movie about his life, his art, his movies and his eclectic life. The movie itself was quite interesting and we were … [Read more...]

Heinz History Center (Pittsburgh)

This is an awesome place not just to learn about the namesake of one of the most famous products in the world, but also to learn about the city of Pittsburgh itself. The five floors are jam packed with interesting displays documenting everything from native Americans who first lived here to modern day sports. It's just chock full of wonderful things to check out and I urge you to take your time and read the … [Read more...]

Just Ducky Tours (Pittsburgh)

Sometimes it's hard to to explore a big city that doesn't have a huge amount of obvious "tourist" type of attractions.  Such was the case for us in Pittsburgh.  I would have loved to understand more about the city's history especially it's role in the industrial revolution and it's connection to Andrew Carnegie and his big steel mills. Sometimes even after doing all your research, you can still miss something that … [Read more...]