Here’s a New Way To Explore … Go On A Treasure Hunt!

I am always looking for new and exciting things to do with my family when we're out of the road so I was particularly excited when I stumbled upon the Double Key Treasure Hunts (click here to check out their website) which just happened to have an adventure in Salt Lake City, where we were headed on our winter break. They also have hunts in Boston, Charleston, St. Louis, and Washington DC (with Monterey coming soon). … [Read more...]

Abe’s Buggy Rides (Bird In Hand)

So I have to admit when we arrived in Intercourse and then Bird In Hand which are towns next to each other in Pennsylvania Dutch Country my kids were really taken aback to see real buggies on the road with Amish folks, sometimes younger kids "driving". Of course they'd seen photos and stuff on television but somehow it was quite different seeing them in person going about their daily lives.  I think my kids were … [Read more...]

The U.S. Mint (Philadelphia)

If you follow my blog you may have read about my parents who took my nephew to Philadelphia on a road trip. The first thing my mom said to me as I was telling her our itinerary for the city, was "Whatever you do, don't waste time going to the mint, it's so boring."  Boy am I glad I didn't listen to my mother-the U.S. Mint is fascinating and all three teenagers gave it a rousing thumbs up. Security is super tight … [Read more...]

Just Ducky Tours (Pittsburgh)

Sometimes it's hard to to explore a big city that doesn't have a huge amount of obvious "tourist" type of attractions.  Such was the case for us in Pittsburgh.  I would have loved to understand more about the city's history especially it's role in the industrial revolution and it's connection to Andrew Carnegie and his big steel mills. Sometimes even after doing all your research, you can still miss something that … [Read more...]

Factory Tours!-Fascinating Fun Learning How Things Are Made

Every time we take a factory tour we feel it- enormous pride watching hard working Americans doing their best to make a quality product who are proud of what they were doing and eager to share it. This is the spirit that makes America great! Inspiration,  innovation, and dedication. My kids and I LOVE factory tours, they are what we most look forward to on any road trip.  It all started with a show I … [Read more...]

Chicago Architecture Boat Tour (Chicago)

Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin

The Chicago Architecture Boat Tour  is  wonderful way to relax and learn about some of Chicago's most iconic buildings and must for anyone visiting the city. We took  an hour-long cruise on the waterways learning about the history of the settlement of the city by the Potawatomi Indians  who named the area Chicago which means "stinky onion"-how about that for an interesting little factoid.  We cruised by many … [Read more...]

Ghost Tour (Savannah)

Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina

If you are not traveling with super little kids (under 9 or 10), then you’ve  got to do a ghost tour at night in the most haunted city in the USA-Savannah's claim to fame. There are some really good guides who will give you an unbelievable experience- but apparently I couldn’t find them.  I did my research when I planned this trip, checking reviews, but it just goes to show you, even if you do all your … [Read more...]