The View From the Road (#1 in the series)

The View From the Road: What is Happening To The Family Farm

  What is Happening to the Family Farm?   Driving around the country can really give you a perspective on things that we take for granted in our daily lives-like where our food comes from.  One thing we noticed as we drove through the heartland of America is that our physical and ideological landscape is rapidly changing. Family farms across America are disappearing and with them a way … [Read more...]

Steelgrass Farms (Kapaa)

Steelgrass Farms (Kapaa)

My absolute favorite activity on our entire trip to Hawaii was a visit to The Steelgrass Farm which is a local organic farm on Kauai operated by the Lydgate family.   They grow many unique items here on 8 beautiful acres,  but specialize in growing the cacao tree (which is where chocolate comes from) and offer tasting tours to teach you about sustainable farming, the amazing produce grown on Kauai, and all about … [Read more...]

Living History Farms (Urbandale)

Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin

Visiting the Living History Farms is like getting in a time machine and arriving at a farm during three different time periods. You will see the same area as a 1700 Ioway Indian settlement, an 1850 Pioneer farm, and a 1900 horse-power farm and it's an incredible lesson to see how some things change and some things remain the same throughout each farm. It’s a self-guided tour, so you can wander at will, but there … [Read more...]