The Henry Doorly Zoo (Omaha)

Destination #6: Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma

The Henry Doorly Zoo is  really nice zoo with various indoor and outdoor environments to explore which really worked out for us as a torrential rainstorm unleashed just as we headed in. The zoo is divided unto different climates such as rainforest, desert, temperate etc.  As you wander through each one you can take in the various creatures and critters who make it their home. As an interesting side note, the rain … [Read more...]

Bear Country USA (Rapid City)

Destination: North and South Dakota

Nestled amidst over 250 acres of towering pines and rolling meadows just eight miles south of Rapid City lies Bear Country U.S.A. This is one of those drive through wild animal parks that I remember as a kid.  On our leisurely three-mile drive through several enclosures we encountered black bear, elk, reindeer, deer, cougars, bobcats, rocky mountain goats, bighorn sheep, deer, sheep, and buffalo. All the animals are … [Read more...]

Bramble Park Zoo (Watertown)

Destination #5: North and South Dakota

As you may already know, I am not a huge fan of zoos.  Parts of the Bramble Park  Zoo were really great, such as the petting zoo.  The kids really enjoyed getting up close and personal with the animals.  My youngest son Joel who can at times have a hair trigger temper is also the most loving and emotional of my 3 kids.  He is really drawn to animals and when I watch him it's like he has some kind of special … [Read more...]

Tautphaus Zoo (Idaho Falls)

Destination #3: Idaho, Wyoming and Montana

We had time for one more short activity before heading home the next day so we decided to take the kids to the Tautphaus Zoo. Although I am not a fan of zoos at all (I liken them to animal prisons), most of the animals here were on the smaller side and didn’t look too unhappy. (Ever see swaying elephants and pacing tigers—you just know they are going out of their minds. Wouldn’t you if you were confined to a … [Read more...]