Grandparents On The Go: Doing It Right The Second Time Around

I hear it all the time from grandparents. They love having fun with their grandkids spending time doing special things that they might not have had to the opportunity to do with their own children. Meet my parents, Mario and Madeline Jason, grandparents on the go who are seizing the moment-traveling throughout the USA with the grandkids. Their trips are equal parts learning, memory making and spoiling as only grandparents can get away with. They are a wonderful inspiration for other seniors who are looking to spend time and connect with their grandchildren while pursuing their personal passion-travel.

Exploring the Florida Everglades with Andrew and Eric

Exploring the Florida Everglades with Andrew and Eric

The Jasons have eight grandchildren in all and have done trips with individual kids as well as an entire group of siblings. In all so far they've been to 25 states and are looking forward to their next trip with their 10-year-old grandson Matthew where they'll be visiting Wyoming and Montana. Often times they let the kids choose where they'll visit in order to keep everyone interested.

Trout fishing with Lilia, Danny, Isaac and Joel

Trout fishing with Lilia, Danny, Isaac and Joel

Matthew isn't big on museums or big cities, he's more of a "nature guy", so what better place to visit than Yellowstone, our country's very first national park. Everyone is really looking forward to catching a glimpse of old faithful as well as the roaming wildlife like bison, bears and elk. Madeline can't wait to get to Cody, Wyoming where they'll be for July 4th watching Cody Stampede Rodeo. I know she won't be disappointed. Speaking from experience as a city slicker, rodeos are absolutely awesome and such an incredible part of American heritage.

As a kid, my parents took us on a couple memorable trips most of which were to see family far away in Israel. We also took a great trip to Hawaii but the truth is we really didn't get to travel a whole heck of a lot-it was really hard for my parents to take time away from their business. It's super gratifying now to see my parents so much less stressed since they're retired and enjoying real travel time spending quality time with the most important people in their life.

Sampling the produce in Amish country with Jeremy

Sampling the produce in Amish country with Jeremy

They've taken my three kids up to the redwoods in Seqouia, California. They've also taken both my brother's kids to Pennsylvania which by the way is their favorite state so far for travel with grandkids. They rate the keystone state as "5 stars" in terms of history and activities that both grandparents and grandkids will find fascinating. Matthew's older brother Jeremy was really interested in the civil war so together they explored Gettysburg, even hiring a museum docent for an hour to tour the battlefields with them. From Amish country to Philadelphia's Independence hall there is a ton of stuff to explore for every interest.

With grandparents, the rules aren't as strict and everyone just concentrates on enjoying each other's company. If you are a grandparent looking for a little adventure and spending a little special time with the grandkids-I hope you'll be inspired to take a page out of my parent's playbook. Whether it's near or far, seize the moment and take the time to do what you've always wanted but didn't get a chance to do with your own kids. And the best part(which by rights grandparents have truly earned) after you're done and come back zonked, you get to send the kids back to their parents and enjoy some quiet time.

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  1. Madeline Jason says:

    Hi All
    Thanks for telling our story. I hope that all grandparents from near and far will realize that seeing the world through the eyes of a child is just the greatest. I have learned so much from our grandchildren.

    Madeline Jason

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