Brooklyn Bridge (New York City-Brooklyn)


There are many ways to take in the storied Brooklyn Bridge.  You can walk across it, cruise under it, or just take it in from the shore. We opted for option number three which we recommend from the Brooklyn side where you can enjoy some ice cream or pizza at Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory or Juliana's while you stroll along with the Manhattan skyline as a backdrop to the beautiful bridge.

The first thing I thought about as I stared at this engineering marvel, was how many movies I could thing of which had scenes featuring the Brooklyn Bridge, specifically ones where the characters sat on those benches.  I parked myself on a bench and tried to relive those scenes in my brain along with the thoughts of how many every day New Yorkers have had huge personal moments here from lovers to mobsters and everyone in between.DSC_0230

As we wandered around taking it all in, I noticed on the deck floor interesting bronze panels or tiles set in that outlined the history of this place and the bridge. The kids and I walked around reading each one and enjoying the artwork as they were done as bronze reliefs. It's a short stop, but the Brooklyn Bridge is a must do moment that for me somehow just seems like the essence of New York.

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