Brennan and Carr (New York City, Brooklyn)

Are you a roast beef fan? If so, you do not want to miss place.  Brennan and Carr's has been making their famous roast beef dip sandwiches since 1938 and pleasing Brooklynites for generations. Located in the Sheepshead Bay area this is a real locals kind of place. The kids and I popped into this tiny joint and were instantly hit with the pleasing aroma of roasting beef. On the counter we saw a couple of small … [Read more...]

Brighton Beach (New York City-Brooklyn)

What I love about America is there are so many places where you can go and feel like you are in another whole country. Brooklyn is no exception.  There are many immigrant communities here but one of the most famous is Brighton Beach which can feel to the average American like a trip to Russia. Take a walk under the subway bridge a block from the beach and every sign will be in Russian, the language you hear on the … [Read more...]

Brooklyn Bridge (New York City-Brooklyn)

There are many ways to take in the storied Brooklyn Bridge.  You can walk across it, cruise under it, or just take it in from the shore. We opted for option number three which we recommend from the Brooklyn side where you can enjoy some ice cream or pizza at Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory or Juliana's while you stroll along with the Manhattan skyline as a backdrop to the beautiful bridge. The first thing I thought … [Read more...]

Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory (New York City-Brooklyn)

We weren't sure what to expect when we walked up to the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory under the Brooklyn Bridge.  All our guidebooks told us to check it out but Larry our friend from Brooklyn had never heard of it.  If you know us by now, you know we will never pass on ice cream so in we went and man, are we glad we did. First off the little shop is adorable, located in an old firehouse it's filled with little bits … [Read more...]

Coney Island aka Luna Park (New York City-Brooklyn)

A visit to Brooklyn is not complete without at stop at Coney Island on the shore near Brighton Beach. Walk up to the ticket booth for The Luna Park amusement park amid the brightly colored rides and instantly you are 7 years old pulling on your parent sleeve begging to go explore. Don't expect much in comparison to a new theme park though. It's a place of nostalgia that hearkens back to simpler times. Our main … [Read more...]

Juliana’s -Shhhh it’s the original Grimaldi’s (New York City-Brooklyn)

Everybody loves to know an awesome secret when it comes to food and our family is no different.  When we hit the ground running for our tour of Brooklyn with our pal Larry, Grimaldi's was on the list of must try Pizza's. Grimaldi's is famous in every guidebook for it's coal burning oven with it's flagship location right under the Brooklyn Bridge. When we told Larry we were ready for the Grimaldi's experience, he … [Read more...]

L & B Spumoni Gardens (New York City-Brooklyn)

A true Brooklyn original and a local favorite, this is a pizza you just go to try. Like anywhere in Brooklyn, parking may be a bit of a challenge but don't be discouraged, it's all totally worth it. Beyond the deliciousness of the pizza and adding to the whole experience, the local ambiance is straight out of a movie. This place has been around since 1939 so they must be doing something right! For the uninitiated, … [Read more...]

New York Transit Museum (New York City-Brooklyn)

Ever wonder how the marvel of modern engineering known as the New York Subway system ever came to be? I have, and I just couldn't wait to learn about it at the New York Transit Museum in Brooklyn. Sadly, this is a pretty dated museum that is screaming for a redo so be prepared. If you really want to learn about the NY transit system you've really got to take the time to read the displays which do go into huge … [Read more...]

Peter Luger Steak House (New York City-Brooklyn)

  If my kids had to pick the one place they'd eat at for their last meal, my guess would be this would be it. If steak is your thing, then this is a must try on your bucket list...just make sure you book your reservation a month or two in advance and bring a wad of cash. No credit cards accepted. Peter Luger's has consistently won the top prize for best steak house in the country, but in spite of that, … [Read more...]

Ride the Subway (Manhattan, Brooklyn)

Is there anything more "New York City" than a ride on the Subway? After riding on this amazing feat of engineering, I am convinced the city would come to a complete halt without this modern marvel.  What a fast and convenient way to get around the city especially when traffic is bad. If you are visiting, it is definitely a must try experience. Like anything new, it was a little confusing at first but thanks to … [Read more...]