Brooklyn Bridge (New York City-Brooklyn)

There are many ways to take in the storied Brooklyn Bridge.  You can walk across it, cruise under it, or just take it in from the shore. We opted for option number three which we recommend from the Brooklyn side where you can enjoy some ice cream or pizza at Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory or Juliana's while you stroll along with the Manhattan skyline as a backdrop to the beautiful bridge. The first thing I thought … [Read more...]

Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory (New York City-Brooklyn)

We weren't sure what to expect when we walked up to the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory under the Brooklyn Bridge.  All our guidebooks told us to check it out but Larry our friend from Brooklyn had never heard of it.  If you know us by now, you know we will never pass on ice cream so in we went and man, are we glad we did. First off the little shop is adorable, located in an old firehouse it's filled with little bits … [Read more...]