Is The Magic Worth The Price At Disneyland?

I don't know if you've been following the news, but Disneyland just raised it's price of admission to $99 for anyone 10 and over and $93 for kids under 10.  Wow, if you are an average family of 4 you need to spend roughly $400 just to get through the turnstiles (as of today, March 5th 2015 a trip to Disney World in Orlando, FL will now cost $105 per person).  Once inside you are under attack from vendors at every … [Read more...]

Downtown Disney (Orlando)

Downtown Disney (Orlando)

What a stark contrast—from the sleepy little town of Sanibel Island to the hustle and bustle and visual overload of Downtown Disney…It was like  walking around in a huge outdoor mall with tons of shops and restaurants  and of course tons of Mickey and Minnie gear in every direction so bring your walking shoes and a fat wallet. There are lots of eating options here, but we found out the hard way that … [Read more...]

Epcot Center (Orlando)


I'll be honest, I am not a huge Disney fan (my apologies to all you Disney devotees) but I thought it would be fun for everyone to have a real Disney experience. We live in Los Angeles, and so Disneyland is not a big thing for us. The kids have gone numerous times, but Orlando is Disneyland x10 so I thought we should all experience it.  What really threw me for a loop in the planning stage of this trip were the … [Read more...]