Cape Cod

Cape Cod

The storied vacation spot on the eastern seaboard. Wow, what are they giving away here for free? I cannot even begin to tell you how much traffic there was to get here. While the area is very charming and picturesque, maybe I missed something. Unless you have a house here, and come here for a significant amount of time, I am not sure I get it. Lots of cute shops and beaches, but definitely not worth the traffic, … [Read more...]

Ethel M Chocolate Factory Tour (Henderson)

Nevada, Utah and Arizona

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Factory tours and chocolate are two of my all time favorite things.   Ethel M sells chocolate nationwide but they are based right here in Henderson.  We stopped in for a tasty tour to watch how chocolate is tempered and poured into molds, and how caramels and other tasty fillings are made. Most of the tour is just walking by big glass windows where you can see the machines and the … [Read more...]

Tillamook Creamery Factory Tour (Tillamook)

Washington and Oregon

The Tillamook Creamery was one of the first factory tours we ever did and afterwards we were hooked.  Inside you will learn that the Tillamook Creamery is a co-op.  What that means is the local dairy farmers pool their resources together to create the finest quality dairy products and then they share the profits.  We loved the awesome displays and found out the answers to our "cheesiest" questions.  The factory … [Read more...]