Gwin’s Lodge (Cooper Landing)

Sometimes you're starving and you pick out a place and hope for the best. Every once it a while (you breathe a sigh of relief as) you are happily blown away when it exceeds your expectations and everyone leaves happy and satisfied. Looking for a place to eat along the Sterling Highway, the kids and I stumbled across Gwin's lodge and decided to give it a try and man are we glad we did. Looking at the menu we … [Read more...]

Kingfisher Roadhouse (Cooper Landing)

After an afternoon fly fishing on the Kenai river we asked our guide TJ where was the best place to eat in town. He rattled off a few names that he said were really good, but when he mentioned the Kingfisher Roadhouse his eyes lit up and waxed poetic about a burger that sounded off the charts fantastic. Well, as soon and we loaded up, we made a bee line straightaway.  At night this place apparently gets absolutely … [Read more...]

Macaulay Fish Hatchery (Juneau)

Alaska is one of the last truly wild places in the US but sometimes even Mother Nature needs a little boost.  There is a huge demand for wild Alaskan salmon (in fact it is against the law farm any kind of fish in Alaska) so in order to make sure the stocks are not depleted, non-profits like the Macauley Salmon Hatchery are hatching salmon and releasing them in the wild.  This is sometimes called "ocean ranching". … [Read more...]

The Twisted Fish (Juneau)

Juneau, Alaska's state capital was a huge gold mining town in fact the entire town was built on tailings-the gravel and sand left over after the gold is extracted from the ground.  Though no more mining takes place in Juneau, we struck gold when we discovered The Twisted Fish.  While there are a few dining options in Juneau we found none better than the Twisted Fish and ate 2 lunches and a dinner there and each … [Read more...]