Connecticut State Capitol Building (Hartford)

Connecticut State Capitol Building

While most state capitol building mimic our nations's capitol with the traditional dome, occasionally some dare to be different.  The Connecticut State Capitol Building is one of those that breaks tradition with it's unique and original architecture.  It's kind of hard to describe, but I'd say it seemed like a cathedral crossed with a bavarian castle.  Inside there are tons of bronze sculptures, some pretty … [Read more...]

Mark Twain House and Museum (Hartford)

Mark Twain House and Museum

We were so excited to learn more about this American literary icon by seeing the home where he lived.  We arrived and joined the tour led by a snappy little English fellow and headed to the home.  Here we are, at Mark Twain's House and Museum, you'd expect to learn about the man, his life, his inspiration his works right? Wrong! We learned about the wallpaper in the living room, where they bought the chandelier, … [Read more...]