Crater Lake

Washington and Oregon

Crater Lake is a natural wonder and one of the most interesting and beautiful places I have ever seen.  Formed by a volcanic eruption , Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the US and the 7 th deepest lake in the world.  Standing out on the viewing area on the rim it's pretty crazy to know you are on the top of a dormant volcano.  The lake itself  is the most incredible sapphire blue because of its depth and the … [Read more...]

Diamond Lake Resort (Diamond Lake)

Diamond Lake Resort

Not too far from Crater Lake is Diamond Lake which is home to the Diamond Lake Resort, a really cool recreation area to just hang out, relax, and have some fun on the water. Mind you, we had an RV so we ended up camping here for the night, but you don't need a camper to hang out and enjoy a day out on the water or stay at their lodge-(I didn't stay there so I couldn't tell you what it was like).  We rented a pontoon … [Read more...]

Lake Oconee (Lake Oconee)

Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina

So my friend Barry and his wife Jodie have a cabin on Lake Oconee and invited us to spend a night and enjoy a day on the water-since it also happened to be on our way to Savnannah. It is a lovely spot and I would highly recommend staying at the hotel if you are in the area (the Lodge on Lake Oconee). It’s so lovely, in fact, that Carrie Underwood got married here. There are lots of activities like boating, jet … [Read more...]