The Best Recipe For a Successful Road Trip: Mix It Up!

Everybody has a different idea about what makes a road trip really special. Whether it's the scenery, the family bonding, or the mere fact that you are just getting away -you are bound to enjoy yourself (with the exception of course of a completely unexpected disaster). But what makes the standard road trip go from great to super memorable? Sometimes we resist getting out of our comfort zone, but often times when we … [Read more...]

Lake Oconee (Lake Oconee)

Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina

So my friend Barry and his wife Jodie have a cabin on Lake Oconee and invited us to spend a night and enjoy a day on the water-since it also happened to be on our way to Savnannah. It is a lovely spot and I would highly recommend staying at the hotel if you are in the area (the Lodge on Lake Oconee). It’s so lovely, in fact, that Carrie Underwood got married here. There are lots of activities like boating, jet … [Read more...]