Times Square (New York City-Manhattan)

There's not much more that screams New York City than Times Square. The neon lights, the masses of people, the rush of yellow taxicabs-this is the biggest tourist mecca in the city and it's a DO NOT MISS! You never know what you'll find here and it's a feast for the eyes (maybe not so much your sense of smell). All kinds of companies host events here and do promotional stunts, concerts, you name it. When we … [Read more...]

United Nations Tour (New York City-Manhattan)

Going to the United Nations for a tour is almost the equivalent of going leaving the country although not to worry, you won't need your passport. You will pass through security and need to present proper ID and once you pass through the gates you will no longer be in the United States (though technically you still are). Once through security, make your way across the courtyard to the main building where your tour … [Read more...]

Wall Street (New York-Manhattan)

What a thrill it was to stand in the shadows of the New York Stock Exchange. Unfortunately that is about as close as we were able to get since security has now been totally beefed up. You can no longer take a tour and watch the action let alone get within 100 ft. of the building. Even so, the energy of the place was still palpable in spite of all the foreign tourists with the selfie sticks snapping away. When we … [Read more...]