Akaka Falls (Honomu)

The Big Island of Hawaii

On the way to Hilo, Akaka Falls  is a wonderful stop that will take about 20 minutes and is totally worth it. It’s a lovely nature trail that goes around in a circle.  The first thing we noticed were the incredible and diverse plant life.  We noticed giant bamboo that seemed as tall as a three story building making us feel like dwarfs and tiny fiddlehead ferns coiling up on themselves.  There were exotic … [Read more...]

Mendenhall Glacier Trek (Juneau)

There are few things in this life that can rival hiking on a glacier, I would even venture to say it was a life changing experience.  And if that statement needed any validation, my jaded teenagers excitedly declared it "totally sick".  Is there a higher compliment from a tougher audience? I think not. I decided early on this was a must do on our Alaskan road trip and it totally exceeded our expectations.  The … [Read more...]