The Wright Cycle Company Complex (Dayton)

Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and Kentucky

If you are like me, the only place you would  associate with the Wright Brothers is Kitty Hawk in North Carolina. I had no idea, until I did my research, that the Wright brothers were from Dayton, Ohio, and that they actually started in the bicycle business, and through experimentation, developed their ideas and prototypes for the first airplane. At the Wright Cycle Company Complex we took a tour of the Wright … [Read more...]

Wright Brothers National Monument at Kitty Hawk (Kill Devil Hills)

Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina

After learning all about the Wright Brothers in Dayton, Ohio, we were very excited to see where the first flight actually took place at Kitty Hawk in Kill Devil Hills which is now known as The Wright Brothers National Monument at Kitty Hawk. The Wright Brothers chose this spot because of the perfect wind conditions and abundant landing areas. The first thing we did was explore the visitor center and seeing a … [Read more...]