Wright Brothers National Monument at Kitty Hawk (Kill Devil Hills)

Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina

After learning all about the Wright Brothers in Dayton, Ohio, we were very excited to see where the first flight actually took place at Kitty Hawk in Kill Devil Hills which is now known as The Wright Brothers National Monument at Kitty Hawk. The Wright Brothers chose this spot because of the perfect wind conditions and abundant landing areas. The first thing we did was explore the visitor center and seeing a … [Read more...]

Black Pelican Seafood Co. (Kitty Hawk)

Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina

For dinner,we made our way to the Black Pelican and highly recommend it for a memorable meal.  This place which is located right on the beach, get's packed so make sure you make reservations in advance. While we waited for our table, we perused the huge gift shop located in the restaurant.  There were all kinds of fun things to check out here which helped pass the time while we waited to be seated.  I found … [Read more...]

Sam and Omies (Nag’s Head)

Sam and Omies (Nag's Head)

Billed as an Outer Banks favorite, and now we know why—Sam and Omie's restaurant is nothing fancy but it's good cooking with simple fresh ingredients. Walking in to the charming but crowded little beach shack we seated ourselves as the sign told us to do.  Shortly our friendly waitress arrived with menus.  They've got all kinds of sandwiches and burgers and a host of seafood specialities. We had the Greek … [Read more...]