Reader Profile: Dee and Jerry Sorich – Finding the Secret to Happiness Out On The Road

I "met" Dee online when she wrote to let me know I'd left off her favorite ice cream, the benchmark against which she measures all others-Graetors in Cincinnati.  Boy am I sorry we missed it when we visited the Buckeye state on trip # 11. I found out that Dee and her husband Jerry are lucky enough to live every travelers dream. As retirees based in Santa Barbara California they are avid RV'ers, happily wandering … [Read more...]

RV Adventures- Give Your Romantic Vision A Reality Check First!


“Ahhh the romance of the open road…traveling with my family...all of us together in our little camper…” It all sounds good on paper, but there are many things to consider before you embark on your road trip if you’re considering taking an RV. For those of you seasoned RV travelers, my hat’s off to you. Once was enough to decide that it just wasn’t for me. On our very first road trip to Washington and … [Read more...]