The Best Recipe For a Successful Road Trip: Mix It Up!

Everybody has a different idea about what makes a road trip really special. Whether it's the scenery, the family bonding, or the mere fact that you are just getting away -you are bound to enjoy yourself (with the exception of course of a completely unexpected disaster). But what makes the standard road trip go from great to super memorable? Sometimes we resist getting out of our comfort zone, but often times when we … [Read more...]

Teens and Travel: A Revelation

Here we are in the midst of spring break and I am busy planning our final road trip in which we will set foot in our 50th state. Wow...I can hardly believe it.  It's only taken us 12 years and 17 trips but our journey is nearly complete. When we embarked on this epic adventure my kids were 4, 6 and 7, today they are 16, 18 and 20. People often say "Where has the time gone" when they find their children have grown, … [Read more...]

Update: Dispatch from the Pilichowski Family on their final road trip to finish the lower 48

Awhile ago we profiled the Pilichowski's, an amazing family of 8 in their quest to see all 50 states.  They set out on their last an final road trip June 14th  embarking on an ambitious endeavor in which they are literally driving around the country to complete the lower 48 before moving to Israel permanently.  Below Uri Pilichowski shares some amazing thoughts, memories, and musings from the road sure to inspire … [Read more...]

Kipu Ranch Adventures (Lihue)

Looking for something to do on rainy day on Kauai (which by the way is home to the 2nd wettest spot on earth) we happened upon Kipu Adventures, an ATV Adventure tour that ended up being the most fun and memorable activity on our entire visit. Sometimes the best things are discovered when you least expect it, and that's why you can never let bad weather ruin your good time. When I called up and spoke with Leah … [Read more...]

RV Adventures- Give Your Romantic Vision A Reality Check First!


“Ahhh the romance of the open road…traveling with my family...all of us together in our little camper…” It all sounds good on paper, but there are many things to consider before you embark on your road trip if you’re considering taking an RV. For those of you seasoned RV travelers, my hat’s off to you. Once was enough to decide that it just wasn’t for me. On our very first road trip to Washington and … [Read more...]