Maui Ocean Center (Wailuku)


There are so many wonderfully unique sea creatures that inhabit the waters surrounding the Hawaiian Islands so after a leisurely morning at the beach, we headed to the  The Maui Ocean Center to get a close up view and learn more about them.  Unlike some of those big overdone Aquariums in major cities that all seem to try and wow and outdo each other, we loved that this place because it was so low key and … [Read more...]

Alaska Sea Life Center (Seward)

As traveling explorers, our mission was to learn and understand all about Alaska,-it's history, resources, culture and economy, and the Alaska Sea Life Center was a great opportunity to do just that. A large part of Alaska's economy involves the catching and processing of a variety of fish and seafood that is sold to local, domestic and international markets. We very often take for granted the food that ends up on … [Read more...]

Sea World (San Antonio)


After shlepping around for a whole week and because my kids had been really well behaved I decided to give them a treat and end our trip with a bang by treating them to a day at Sea World.  I am not usually a fan of these big overpriced theme parks with their gift shops at the exit to every ride beckoning you to empty your wallet and lots of overpriced and over processed food around every corner but I must admit we … [Read more...]