Factory Tours!-Fascinating Fun Learning How Things Are Made

Every time we take a factory tour we feel it- enormous pride watching hard working Americans doing their best to make a quality product who are proud of what they were doing and eager to share it. This is the spirit that makes America great! Inspiration,  innovation, and dedication. My kids and I LOVE factory tours, they are what we most look forward to on any road trip.  It all started with a show I … [Read more...]

Why My Favorite Card In My Wallet Is One No Road Tripper Should Be Without


Let me just state for the record that I have not been paid any endorsement fee, and this is not and advertisement for AAA. My only relationship with the Auto Club has been as a paid member for slightly over 30 years (that’s right folks since I was driving at age 16). Because my family and I have derived enormous benefit from our membership, I thought it was super important to highlight it on my blog in my planning … [Read more...]