Abe’s Buggy Rides (Bird In Hand)

So I have to admit when we arrived in Intercourse and then Bird In Hand which are towns next to each other in Pennsylvania Dutch Country my kids were really taken aback to see real buggies on the road with Amish folks, sometimes younger kids "driving". Of course they'd seen photos and stuff on television but somehow it was quite different seeing them in person going about their daily lives.  I think my kids were … [Read more...]

Immergut Hand Rolled Soft Pretzels (Intercourse)

Can you resist warm freshly baked doughy goodness slathered in butter and a little salt or cinnamon sugar? We definitely could not. If you want to taste the original authentic Pennsylvania dutch soft pretzel then this is the place. Watch the women in Amish bonnets roll out the dough dip it and place it on the backing rack. 5 minutes later, it's dipped in butter and sprinkled with your choice of topping. If you … [Read more...]

Good and Plenty Restaurant (Smoketown)

Having explored some of Pennsylvania Dutch countryside we were famished and came across this awesome little find as we were headed toward our next stop, Hershey Chocolate world. We'd seen some of the more "touristy" restaurants touting the local Amish cuisine but it just didn't seem authentic so we passed and I'm sure glad we did. If you are hungry and want to try some amazing fried chicken, head on over to the Good … [Read more...]