Central Park (New York City-Manhattan)

There is no greater compliment to the hustle and bustle of New York City than the lush green swath known as Central Park. It's the perfect foil to the concrete and skyscrapers that define the city bringing balance, tranquility and and boundless opportunities to connect with nature and fellow New Yorkers. Bravo to the city fathers who saw the importance of the large expanse of green space and who preserved from … [Read more...]

Abe’s Buggy Rides (Bird In Hand)

So I have to admit when we arrived in Intercourse and then Bird In Hand which are towns next to each other in Pennsylvania Dutch Country my kids were really taken aback to see real buggies on the road with Amish folks, sometimes younger kids "driving". Of course they'd seen photos and stuff on television but somehow it was quite different seeing them in person going about their daily lives.  I think my kids were … [Read more...]