Seadog Cruises (Baltimore)

  Baltimore is an awesome city that has strategic and historical significance because of it's location on the Chesapeake Bay with a well protected harbor. Baltimore's inner harbor is a fun and bustling place to not only eat and drink and enjoy the views, but also a place to have fun.  One of the best ways to explore the harbor is one of the variety of options for boat rides anything from a tame harbor … [Read more...]

Erie Canal Cruise (Lockport)

I am always thrilled by the marvels of modern engineering and so there was no way I was going to pass up a chance to learn about the canal and the lock system that helps boats traverse changes in elevation to move from one body of water to another.  The Erie canal cruise is a relaxed and laid back way to enjoy time on the water while you watch in awe at the fabulous way engineers found  to solve a problem moving … [Read more...]

Statue of Liberty Sunset Cruise-Circle Line Cruises (New York City-Manhattan)

One of the best ways to take in the Manhattan skyline is via a harbor cruise and what better time than sunset to watch the colors light up the statue of liberty and the iconic skyscrapers. Circle Line cruises offers a sunset cruise around lower Manhattan and my kids and I give the experience a rousing thumbs up. Located off of the 42st. Street pier near Hell's Kitchen, we found this a great way to cap off a day of … [Read more...]

Cruising Alaska or Hawaii: Is It Right For You?

As we sat on the dock in Juneau, Alaska a couple of weeks ago we couldn't help but notice the gargantuan cruise ships docked in the port.  As they easily floated in and out of the harbor it was hard not to think about whether we'd made the right decision not to do a cruise, which is the way most folks choose to tour Alaska. My family has had some experience with cruises in the past (a Disney cruise in the Caribean) … [Read more...]

Statue of Liberty Cruise and Museum ( Jersey City)

There is no better way to see the Statue of Liberty than just the way those incoming immigrants saw her on a boat in the harbor.  Thankfully you can do that from two locations, one from New York City at Battery Park, and also at Liberty State Park in Jersey City, New Jersey. There are several tours to choose from but be forewarned, the crown tour sells out months in advance because there are a limited number of … [Read more...]