Here’s A Freebie You Might Like

  It seems like no matter where we go online these days we are constantly being bombarded with gazillions of offers and I am sure like me, you've conditioned yourself to just tune them out. I was doing some online banking recently and somehow out of the corner of my eye a few key words caught my attention..."Free Museum Admission".  After reading a little further I discovered that if you are a Bank of … [Read more...]

Our Top 10 FREE Things To See And Do In The USA

Mt. Rushmore

As a single mom, I know how expensive it can get seeing and doing lots of activities on a road trip.  All those great museums, national parks, and other awesome attractions can really add up fast. That's why it's especially amazing when we come across free activities which are most times as good if not better than most of the things we pay for.  Here's our list of our top 10 most awesome free activities that we've … [Read more...]

Reader Profile: The Pilichowski Family, keeping costs in line and kids in check for a family of 8!

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing the Pilichowski family for close to 10 years now. Rabbi Uri and Aliza are not only wonderful people, they are also amazing parents to 6 awesome kids Avigayil, Temimah, Gila, Naomi, Tova and Moshe. When they heard about my project to see all 50 states with my kids, they were instantly inspired and have been blazing a trail hot on our heels ever since. So far the Pilichowskis have … [Read more...]